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Our Vision and Mission

Company Vision

"Our vision is to completely change how enterprises conduct business by delivering the most comprehensive suite of cloud-based, fully managed IT services that empower people to work better by increasing productivity, simplifying collaboration and communications, enhancing globalization efficiencies, creating an elastic and flexible futureproof IT infrastructure and reducing operating costs so that enterprises can focus on their core competencies and effectively compete both today and in the future."

PanTerra is the leading provider of Streams, its cloud-based fully managed and self-managed unified cloud IT service solution for mid-market enterprises (MME). Mid-Market Enterprises are defined as having between 50 and 5,000 employees with revenues between $50M and $5B. The Company's Streams service provides Unified Communications, Team Messaging, SmartBox File Sync & Share, and Business Analytics solutions delivered universally from an ultra-secure cloud to virtually any end device including desktops, laptops, notebooks, smartphones and tablets, eliminating the requirement to deploy any custom on-premises hardware or software. With infinite scalability, global consistency, dynamic elasticity and the benefits of not having to have to own or manage corporate data centers, PanTerra offers lower operating costs, the elimination of capital expense and obsolescence costs, futureproof continuous upgrades and higher productivity for employees.

Streams can be self-managed by the enterprise or fully managed by PanTerra through its SentraCloud solution. SentraCloud provides a fully managed solution for larger enterprises interested in obtaining all the benefits of outsourcing their IT services to PanTerra. Along with the fully managed Streams cloud services, SentraCloud provides fully managed QoS guaranteed bandwidth with SmartBand and fully managed on-premises equipment with SmartCPE.

Whether deploying self-managed Streams or fully managed SentraCloud Streams, enterprises that move their IT services to the PanTerra cloud will gain a significant competitive advantage.

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Unified Cloud Technology

Unified Cloud Services

Streams was developed as our own unique unified cloud IT Software-as-a-Service ("SaaS") technology, which makes it possible for us to quickly respond to our customer's needs, deliver the best user experience and optimal price/performance. Integrating typically separate siloed IT services such as unified communications, storage and mobility services into a single unified easy to administer solution makes us unique in the industry.

Fully Managed "White Glove" Service

SentraCloud Fully Managed Service

Streams provides an end-to-end fully managed solution, SentraCloud, which ensures the highest quality, most reliable and secure unified service experience in the industry or a self-managed solution for those that want to manage Streams themselves or through a third party partner. With SentraCloud, an enterprise can confidently outsource their IT services to a cloud expert, capable of managing all unified services, bandwidth and on-premises equipment. PanTerra can ensure that all services work together harmoniously and are delivered optimally to each location of an enterprise.

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FutureProof Technology Platform

FutureProof Cloud Services

The Streams platform supports your growth. Our future-proof cloud-based platform provides the ideal building block to deliver future PanTerra value-added services. In addition, it has the capability to integrate with many third party applications and services such as Salesforce.com and Microsoft Outlook. Our customers benefit from a single point of contact, administration, support and billing for all their unified cloud IT service needs.

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