The PanTerra Difference

End-to-End Solution Provider

Total solution

Moving to the cloud can be daunting and dangerous. If not carefully researched and planned for, your IT infrastructure can end up being serially dependent on several outsourced vendors. The cloud service provider may only deliver the service itself, leaving you to source bandwidth circuits separately from another vendor and on-premise hardware, such as IP phones, routers and switches, from yet another third party source. When issues arise (and they will), multi-vendor cloud solutions can often result in "finger pointing" during the debugging stage, which will lead to longer outages and downtime.

Panterra is a full end-to-end cloud solution provider, delivering not only the cloud service itself, but the bandwidth circuits and any necessary on-premises hardware. PanTerra conduced detailed "design review meetings" prior to provisioning the service to ensure optimal operation of the service. By providing the complete solution, all pieces are guaranteed to interoperate seamlessly and "finger pointing" when issues arise is completely eliminated, giving you total peace of mind.

Core Technology Provider

Technology provider

Many cloud service providers lack the technical ability to create their own cloud solutions and simply resell another vendor's technology. This approach has several critical disadvantages when delivering mission critical 24/7 business services. First, by reselling another vendor's technology, problem resolution time increases dramatically because the service provider has to file a trouble ticket with the other vendor and "get in line" waiting for problem resolution. This directly impacts your business continuity, negatively impacting your business. Secondly, new features and technology innovation are delivered at a much slower pace, leaving your company at a competitive disadvantage in many instances. When your cloud service provider is not the technology provider, your business will suffer.

PanTerra is both the cloud service provider as well as the cloud technology provider. This means that if any issues arise, PanTerra is the single direct company responsible for resolving the issue. There is no finger pointing or external "waiting in line" trouble tickets to file. Resolution times are significantly reduced. Additionally, PanTerra is always at the forefront of technology innovation when it comes to the cloud. PanTerra leads the industry in delivering the most advanced multi-service cloud solution available today.

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Highest Level of Cloud Security

Security is of paramount concern when selecting a cloud provider. Providers that are focused on consumer "simplicity" as a trade-off with security put your content and communications at risk. With Streams, security is never a tradeoff with any feature. Hardened data centers and fully encrypted transport ensure no one gains access to your content. From Streams mandatory 2-phase authentication to its multiple active device manager (MADM), Streams users can be confident their communications and content are protected and secure.

  • Hardened data centers with extensive physical security and redundant systems
  • Only cloud provider with end-to-end HIPAA compliance covering end devices, bandwidth (MPLS) and cloud service
  • Data and communications encrypted in-transit and at-rest
  • Mandatory Multi-Factor Authentication for all accesses to Streams services
  • Multiple Active Device Manager (MADM) capable of blocking a lost or stolen device from accessing Streams services
  • 24/7 Network Operations monitoring

Truly Unified Cloud Service

Unified Cloud Services

As your company considers moving their IT services to the cloud, one must consider status quo versus significant improvements to the services. Simply moving each IT service, communications, file sharing, and collaboration to separate cloud service providers may replicate your service, but are you getting the most from each service? Redundant tasks such as re-entering invites or logging in to multiple services can be time consuming, error prone and inefficient.

With Streams, all services are seamlessly integrated together delivering maximum productivity and efficiency. Want to share files with several people in and outside the company and then start a web meeting to review the content? No problem with Streams. File sharing and communicating/collaborating can all be done within the same solution eliminating redundant tasks like entering emails to invite users. With Streams, you get truly unified cloud services.

Lower Operating Costs

Lower Operating Costs

Streams can virtually eliminate your capital expenditures while significantly reducing your monthly IT operating costs when compared to separate cloud service provider implementations. And with your communications, storage and mobility services in the cloud, Streams makes single or multi-location administration a snap. Because Streams unifies several cloud services together and is delivered from the cloud, huge cost savings both monthly and at start-up are realized further making the choice to select PanTerra a financially sound one.

No overhead required to maintain the service or upgrades to worry about means you can get down to business. With no hardware to deploy and maintain, there’s no obsolescence to worry about. Streams works with standard equipment and browsers, so there’s no software to deploy or maintain.

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Consistent Ultra-High Service Attributes

Better Quality of Service

Moving multiple IT services to separate cloud providers can be a real challenge when it comes to consistent service attributes. Some providers may only have message board support, while others might provide full phone support. Some providers might not guarantee any quality of service or reliability level while others might limit their Service Level Agreements (SLA) to unacceptable levels. With multiple cloud providers the company is left to manage and resolve inconsistencies in service attributes.

With Streams, you get consistent ultra-high levels for all service attributes, from support to quality of service. This reduces IT complexity and frustration while providing a much better more consistently deployable product to their end users.

  • Ultra reliable and available operations (99.999%)
  • High quality of service both within a service and between services
  • Consistent Service Level Agreement for all services
  • Ultra scalable services to meet even the most demanding businesses
  • Consistently high levels of support, including "30 sec" instant support

Faster Resolution, More Innovation

Faster Innovation

When you select a cloud provider that is not the technology provider, then your supply chain increases and so does the risk to your company. When there is an issue, the service provider can only enter a "trouble ticket" with the actual technology provider, which typically can take hours to days to be addressed, let alone be resolved.

With PanTerra, you get both the service provider and technology provider together, shortening the supply chain and reducing your supply chain risk. With PanTerra, if any technology issues come up, PanTerra engineers can be instantly deployed to resolve the issue. In addition, as new technologies and features are developed, they can be deployed instantly rather than going through a third party upgrade release cycle. With PanTerra, issues are resolved faster and innovation is delivered faster.

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