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PanTerra Datacenters Mean Business

Redundant Datacenter Components

PanTerra has built world-class datacenters to support and deploy its Unified Cloud Services. These state-of-the-art facilities include around the clock security, Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) and generator power backup and environmental controls (for temperature and humidity). All services are run on high performance state of the art Linux blade servers that are monitored 24/7/365. Each PanTerra datacenter is "carrier neutral" and has support for multiple telecom carriers, providing redundancy and fail-over capability, ensuring the highest level of uptime for customers. With our highly reliable cloud datacenters, PanTerra can deliver the highest quality service regardless of size or location of each customer.

PanTerra’s platform is connected to the network by at least two physically separate building entrances. This provides for the greatest protection from network outages caused by events such as fiber cuts that could disable one of the fiber links into the gateway. In addition to route diversity, PanTerra ensures network access with redundant and duplicate equipment including routers, switches and other various network components. Redundancy is engineered in the network architecture to ensure continued service in the event of a network failure.

  • Dual access routers/switches are located in each of the equipment racks.
  • PanTerra also ensures sufficient capacity for normal and fail-over operations by limiting every internal network link to less than 50 percent utilization. Any time an internal Network link approaches 50 percent utilization, capacity on the link is immediately increased. Limiting link utilization to less than 50 percent guarantees redundant capacity in the event of failure of other network links.
  • All co-location routers/switches are dual-homed to the IP network.

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Operating Statistics

Ultra-high Availability

As a leading edge service and technology provider, PanTerra is committed to delivering ultra reliable unified cloud services to its customers. Since the service was deployed, PanTerra has tracked the overall reliability of the service through its real-time Customer Reliability Index (CRI). This index not only measures the reliability of our datacenters and our services within the datacenters, but also measures our interconnect carriers too. Both voice and non-voice services are measured as well. Thus, we measure the full service reliability as seen by the customer.

The index also takes into account the number of customers that are impacted by a particular outage. For example if a certain carrier route fails and only 10% of the customers are affected at the time, the CRI would be calculated as the overall reliability of all the components multiplied by the percentage of the customers impacted (10%). PanTerra has maintained over 99.999% CRI reliability since 2009 across all cloud services.

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Real-Time Service Monitoring (Click Above Image)

Industry Leading 99.99% Guaranteed Uptime

PanTerra's SLA guarantee

PanTerra backs all of its services with the industry’s best Service Level Agreement (SLA). PanTerra’s SLA covers both voice services (99.99% uptime guarantee) and non-voice services (99% uptime guarantee) so that a customer can rest assured that their services will remain up and available to them at all times. This allows businesses to focus on customers and revenue instead of operations.

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Not All Clouds Are Created Equal

Not all clouds are created equally

Not all cloud service providers deliver the same level of reliability and availability. In fact, many cloud service providers were born to deliver consumer level availability (best effort), which means they can go down often and more importantly, stay down for extended periods of time. Moving your business critical file sharing or communications infrastructure to a service provider with a consumer oriented architecture can result in disastrous consequences for your enterprise.

PanTerra delivers ultra-reliable file sharing and unified communications services from an ultra-reliable cloud infrastructure built from the ground up for enterprise-level reliability, availability, scalability, QoS, SLA and security. You can depend on PanTerra for your most business critical IT services.

Maintaining Cloud-based Services

PanTerra Monitors every session 24/7/365

An integral part of PanTerra's datacenters is the ability to monitor all services, connections and customer sessions 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Every voice call, IM session, web meeting and desktop share is monitored for quality and availability by a team of engineers using the most advanced tools in the industry. Pre-defined trigger levels alert PanTerra that something in the system exceeds a warning level. Should something happen to a particular session, PanTerra engineers are alerted and can immediately start an assessment process to determine the root cause and take corrective action.

Protocol Neutral Transport

At the core: Multi-service Protocol Neutral Transport

At the core of PanTerra's futureproof architecture is its Multi-service Protocol Neutral Transport (MPNT). Instead of developing all its services on top of a single service, PanTerra developed a robust, high performance scalable "communications highway" that supports all types of communications protocols including protocols specifically designed for digital voice (like SIP), video (like H.264), messaging and collaboration. By architecting a protocol neutral transport mechanism, PanTerra ensures that future services can be added without compromise or restrictions.

This is a key difference between PanTerra's solution and others. Most competitors started with a single monolithic service (like a softswitch) and then tried to add other services on top of that service. This doesn't scale for the following reasons:

  • Softswitches are optimized for a single protocol (voice) and can't handle other types of protocols (video, messaging or collaboration protocols) efficiently or effectively.
  • Services built on top of other services don't scale well because multiple services are impacted when one service maxes out.
  • At some point, the central core service will max out, causing interruption to ALL added services.
  • The core service is a single point of failure that can take down all services.

In summary, PanTerra has designed its platform to support multiple services and multiple protocols in a scalable, robust, fault tolerant and high performance manner so that we can deliver our cloud-based services to you with the quality you expect.

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