New Features Available Instantly

New Features Instantly

With Streams, all your communications, file sharing and mobility services are delivered from our highly reliable cloud-based data centers, eliminating on-premises hardware obsolescence and costly software licensing. One of the biggest benefits of this cloud-based service delivery model is that when new features and services become available, they can be deployed to your company INSTANTLY! Instead of dealing with complex software downloads or challenging on-premises hardware installations, you simply click your mouse on Streams browser-based administration dashboard and enable a new service for selected employees within your company. It's that simple. You no longer have to worry about "software version control" or hardware obsolescence. You're always in control.

FutureProof Your Infrastructure

PanTerra's FutureProof Guarantee

With Streams, you can match each one of your employees with the specific communications, file sharing and mobility services they need, entry level services for basic workers, mid-range services for supervisors and managers and high end services for power users like executives or call center personnel. Each level of service is delivered as an unlimited fixed price suite saving you up to 75% over multiple traditional services. As new features and services become available, you can selectively enable them on a per user basis.

Over time, PanTerra will migrate many of the features and services "down" from the power user level to the entry level, empowering everyone with more features and services that can help increase overall productivity WITHOUT increasing the price of that level's solution! This means that over the lifetime of a customer, the value of WorldSMart actually INCREASES and you can be confident that as your communications, storage or mobility needs change, grow and expand, Streams will ALWAYS be able to deliver... guaranteed.

Eliminate obsolescence, get lifetime continuous upgrades and feature enhancement and FutureProof your Unified Cloud Service infrastructure today!

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