Cloud Reliability/QoS

Creating an Ultra-Reliable Infrastructure

Redundant links increase reliability

Delivering business level Unified Cloud IT Service not only requires a fault tolerant highly reliable data center running those services, but also requires a reliable fault tolerant connection from the data center to the customer. Today’s IP telecom carriers provide robust networks that deliver business level connectivity; however, PanTerra does not stop there when it comes to reliable connectivity between its data center and the customer.

PanTerra implements redundant carrier connections and the latest routing technology to ensure there is no single point of failure routing traffic in and out of its data centers. Should a carrier link fail, all traffic is instantly re-routed to another carrier connection into PanTerra’s data centers.

For the highest level of reliability, customers can also implement redundant links to PanTerra. Since PanTerra is carrier "agnostic", customers can even implement two different carrier connections; such that, if a carrier has a catastrophic failure, the traffic will be re-routed through the other carrier. By supporting multiple redundant links through multiple carriers, a customer can create a truly highly reliable, fault tolerant connection to PanTerra’s high reliable, fault tolerant data centers. Together, the overall system becomes truly robust and reliable.

Globally Consistent Reliability

Anywhere Communications

Businesses can’t afford to be islands anymore. Customers are global and businesses MUST BE global. Thus, any service a business depends on, especially communications and storage, must be global. That means not only delivering Unified Communications, Storage and Mobility services to businesses around the world, but just as importantly, delivering Unified IT services to the same business that is distributed globally around the world. That’s the power of cloud-based anywhere, anytime unified cloud IT services.

In order to deliver unified cloud IT services anywhere, anytime, PanTerra delivers its services from the cloud through the widest range of business-class carriers and bandwidth providers available today. By being carrier and broadband “agnostic”, PanTerra maximizes its footprint and reach, providing the maximum coverage for today’s globally oriented businesses. This approach also allows PanTerra’s customers to select the most reliable and cost effective means of connecting to its service.

Finally, PanTerra’s service is built on industry standards, supporting industry standard interfaces and end devices such as SIP compliant IP phones, business-class routers and firewalls, cellular and dual band wireless phones and windows based PCs.

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SmartBand MPLS - Quality of Service (QoS)

SmartBand delivers MPLS QoS

When moving your IT service to the cloud, the connection between your locations and the service provider's data centers becomes a critical component of Quality of Service (QoS). Utilizing a single standard Open Internet connection can impact QoS because your time-critical services such as voice and video end up sharing the same "pipe" as all your other non-critical traffic such as file uploads and downloads. This can greatly impact QoS for the real-time services.

One approach would be to segregate the real-time critical services onto another Open Internet connection. This would isolate those time-critical service from the non-critical service. This is certainly a better approach than the single Open Internet connection and offers connection redundancy as an additional benefit. PanTerra offers SmartBand Open Internet bandwidth for those enterprises that want to implement this level of connection. Along with PanTerra's application level QoS, SmartBand provides a high level of QoS for enterprises.

However, for those enterprises that want guaranteed QoS and security, PanTerra offers SmartBand MPLS, a full IP-VPN bandwidth product that delivers the highest levels of security and QoS. With SmartBand MPLS, locations are connected via an IP-VPN network with up to 4 class of services levels: real-time, critical, priority and standard. Time-critical services such as voice and video can co-exist with other traffic on the same connection without being impacted. With SmartBand MPLS, even standard Open Internet traffic can travel over the same connection. SmartBand MPLS has the broadest reach in the industry with access to ver 85 markets in the US and is capable of delivering bandwidth from 1 Mpbs to 10 Gbps. With SmartBand MPLS, you have peace of mind that your content and communications are secure and your IT services delivered with guaranteed QoS.

Reliable Customer Environment

Complete load testing of the customer's network is done prior to installation

Prior to even installing PanTerra services, PanTerra is working to make sure the experience and QoS is maximized. PanTerra uses very sophisticated load simulation tools to test and verify the capabilities of your existing network. These tools can simulate significant voice and data loads over a period of time to determine the quality of the connectivity from the customer's end points to PanTerra. The tests are managed by PanTerra and its channel partners and can be run at times that do not impact your business.

Once the tests have been run, a detailed report is generated and shared with you so that you can understand the limitations and capabilities of your network. Should anything be out of specification, PanTerra and its partners will work with you to either reconfigure or upgrade your equipment. Once complete, you can be sure your PanTerra services will be delivered reliably and with high quality for years to come.

For smaller installations (less than 30 seats), PanTerra has a simpler QoS assessment tool (MAT test), which can be downloaded and run by the customer or one of its partners prior to installation to ensure QoS.

In summary, PanTerra provides all the tools necessary to ensure that your environment is capable of supporting business quality communications. If it isn't, PanTerra's certified specialists can work with you to upgrade your network accordingly.

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